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Amit Agrawal Business Consultant

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Amit Agrawal a Business Consultant

Amit Agrawal,

Founder and Chairman of “Times & Trends Academy – Building Careers and Building The Nation” is known as the most sought-after Life Coach, Career Coach and Business Coach in the service industry and the business community. He is famous for training aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to rise to the top of their niche regarding Branding, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Leadership, Delivery and Management. An award-winning entrepreneur for last ten consecutive years (2005-2015), Amit Agrawal brings to his teaching and research, 15 years of executive experience in high-growth firms, including four ventures he founded, one of which he took online and redefined the way people study. Amit has also authored a couple of books, and his book ’52 Ways to Grow Your Business Profitably’ is a hit amongst entrepreneurs. A National Level Player of Basketball, Amit also has been an official writer for the Times of India & Indian Express - Career Column and hundreds of his articles have been published in various leading publications both online and offline. Amit Agrawal currently serves on the boards of educational institutions and academies and have touched the lives of thousands of his students and clients till date.


Amit Agrawal Business Consultant

"Amit and his Team at Times and Trends Academy will give you a step-by-step system to explore and expand the full potential of your franchise business, enabling you to achieve greater success in every area of life."
-  Mr. Terry Watts, International Business Director at Activate Learning, City of Oxford, UK

Amit Agrawal


"Life is the biggest and toughest game you will ever play. To be a winner and live your dream life, you need to choose a rewarding opportunity. Welcome to Times and Trends Academy, where we help you to start, run, and grow your own business and achieve financial freedom. "

- Mr. Abhinav Bindra,  Only Indian individual Olympic Gold Medallist




"Times and Trends Academy has one of the best standard prototype systems I have seen, which shall help you to be your own boss. "

- -Mr. Gaurav Marya, Chairman, Franchise India Holdings Ltd



"“It was an amazing experience to interact with Times and Trends Academy students. I am very happy to be able to motivate students of Times and Trends Academy with my story. Amit Agrawal is a great mentor himself for students, and also an able motivator. I look forward to have many such interactions with students. Thank you, Mr. Agrawal for inviting me to motivate the students. "

- Sangram Chougule, Mr. Universe (2012) Six-time winner, Mr. India Five-time winner, Mr. Maharashtra


BLOGS                                                             | with Amit Agrawal

Amit Agrawal Business Consultant

How to Start Your Own Business from Scratch

One of the most ancient of all professions is that of entrepreneurship. It’s in our blood. What lies in front of us is both exciting and terrifying. The unknown and the risks are the lifeblood of entrepreneurship, but the rewards can be great. Is this your dream? Does it sound familiar? Do you want to start your business, set your own hours, and be willing to work ridiculously hard for something you are passionate about? It is possible. It can be done. You can do it.

Amit Agrawal Business Consultant

Discover This Killer Sales Technique and Increase Your Closing Rate By 25%

As an entrepreneur, you may find competition to be fierce at times. It comes with the territory and is evident in most industries and niches. Even as an employee, you may have experienced the competition when trying to secure a job in the midst of hundreds, or possibly thousands of other applicants. I have experienced this as an author submitting proposals to the publisher.

Website Dsign1x

7 (Bizarre) Ways to Build Raving Fans

Marketing is about building customers and creating brand awareness, however great marketing is about building a relationship and creating raving fans. Loyal fans will spread news of your brand through word of mouth advertising. Creating these fans will require creativity and innovation. Consider these 7 ways to convert customers to raving fans: Build A Bear is an excellent company to demonstrate this concept. There is a difference between being transparent ..

PROGRAMS                                                             | by Amit Agrawal

Take Charge Of Your Business & Create Your Own Destiny

Add life to our business

Why do some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle? It comes down to how they manage their psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion skill. Think about it. If you can’t master your mind, your body, your ability to get things done, and your ability to influence others to help you on your journey, then you’re stuck forever in mediocrity. But master those things, and life changes forever, and high achievement is yours


Understand how money is moving throughout your business.

Learn how to

  • Create a cash plan and budget that's tied to your long term vision.
  • Discover and fix the hidden leaks in your money systems.
  • Build real time analytics so you can adjust to changing conditions.


Strike the right balance between innovation and discipline.

Learn how to

  • Develop a recruiting system that attracts the right kind of people with the right skills.
  • Create the hard and soft systems for all your business functions.
  • Learn how to delegate projects knowing you can trust the results.


Systematize a way of doing business where the customer actually comes first.

Learn how to

  • Evaluate and fix your customer 'touch points' before they disappoint a customer.
  • Overdeliver on experience - have them coming back because of how you do it.
  • Create systems that empower employees to treat people as well as you would.


Turn your value proposition into a repeatable process that you are proud of.

Learn how to

  • Build a sales culture that focuses on 'need conversion' rather than lead conversion.
  • Create a process that answers the question why people should want to buy from you.
  • Discover the places your sales pipeline is leaking and get it fixed.


Create a system for outreach that amplifies your message without diluting your brand.

Learn how to

  • Develop a strategy that uses the right channels for your product.
  • Find creative new ways to allow new customers to find you.
  • Really evaluate the right timing for when to use social media, web marketing and PR.


Make the emotional connection to your customers.

Learn how to

  • Develop the unique brand commitment that will set you apart.
  • Get clear on who your core market is and why they should trust you.
  • Identify the key metrics that will allow you to track your brand in real time.


Discover the real purpose of your business and stand for it.

Learn how to

  • Create a culture that inspires people to bring all of who they are.
  • Get organized to make room for critical visioning and strategic work.
  • Get clear about your goals and start leading towards them.

VIDEOS                                                             | with Amit Agrawal

Video 1 - Three Dangerous Trends College Grads Face

Video 2 - Take Charge Of Your Business & Create Your Own Destiny

Video 3 - Stimulate Your Sales With Outbound Sales Calls

Amit Agrawal is well known business consultant. He is also known as Life, Career and Business coach in the service industry and the business community.
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