Hi, I’m Amit Agrawal

Amit Agrawal began his career after his MBA at an early age in Nagpur, Maharashtra. With an inclination towards business, he started his first venture in the early 20s with almost no money. Amit moved to Pune, a city completely new and strange to him, to learn a new course that could aid him in his business at Nagpur. Not knowing what the city had for him, turn of events made his temporary stay in Pune, a permanent one. One thing led to another, and Amit started his own educational institute, Times and Trends Academy – one of the country’s premier academies for vocational courses.
He is currently Founder and Chairman of Times and Trends Academy, with 8 franchises across India, and several other business ventures under his kitty.

With an experience of entrepreneurship and mentoring over 15 years, and dozens of awards won, Amit, as a seasoned entrepreneur has authored many books on different domains for budding entrepreneurs, students and any reader in general.

Amit Agrawal conducts various exclusive workshops on Sales, Marketing, Winning clients, etc. Amit Agrawal teaches the ways of doing business right from the scratch. All the fundamentals of the business are being taught. All these workshops, modules, sessions are conducted keeping the audience in mind.

Amit is a prominent educationalist in the industry. He is in the industry for over 15 years and has helped thousands of students and professionals to grow. He holds a reputation in the industry for facilitating students, executives and entrepreneurs who learn Branding, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Leadership, Delivery, and Management from him. Amit Agrawal’s rich experience in driving the business has helped many companies turn their tables, and achieve a state of profitability.

My Achievements

  • Founder And Chairman - Times And Trends Academy
  • Director - INIFD Deccan Pune
  • 10000 + Students Passed Out Till Date
  • Official Writer Indian Express and Times Of India Career Columns
  • 10 Times Consecutive Entrepreneurial Award Winner for last ten years
  • Editor - Fashion Lifestyle Paradise - Magazine










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