Amit Agrawal Recognition

Amit Agrawal Business Consultant


"Amit and his Team at Times and Trends Academy will give you a step-by-step system to explore and expand the full potential of your franchise business, enabling you to achieve greater success in every area of life."
-  Mr. Terry Watts, International Business Director at Activate Learning, City of Oxford, UK



"Life is the biggest and toughest game you will ever play. To be a winner and live your dream life, you need to choose a rewarding opportunity. Welcome to Times and Trends Academy, where we help you to start, run, and grow your own business and achieve financial freedom."
- Mr. Abhinav Bindra, Only Indian individual Olympic Gold Medallist



"Times and Trends Academy has one of the best standard prototype systems I have seen, which shall help you to be your own boss."
- Mr. Gaurav Marya, Chairman, Franchise India Holdings Ltd


“It was an amazing experience to interact with Times and Trends Academy students. I am very happy to be able to motivate students of Times and Trends Academy with my story. Amit Agrawal is a great mentor himself for students, and also an able motivator. I look forward to have many such interactions with students. Thank you, Mr. Agrawal for inviting me to motivate the students.”
- Sangram Chougule, Mr. Universe (2012) Six-time winner, Mr. India Five-time winner, Mr. Maharashtra


“There are a lot of advantages that comes along with franchising. I think it is one method for all the budding entrepreneurs to live their dream without going through the difficult path. In franchising model, as the path is already ‘tried and tested,’ it becomes smooth to follow the path. You also get a lot of support in this model of business.”
- Aniruddha Deshmukh, Former Director, Credit Research – Bank of America Ex-Vice President, Merrill Lynch

Amit Agrawal Recognition


“Amit, you are one of the most amazing mentors I have seen. The way you influence the audience is really terrific. This is one quality that stands you apart from crowd.”

- Ashley Rebellow, Bollywood Fashion Designer



"Your optimistic views and encouraging messages are so pleasant! Thank you very much! "

- Pranati Rai, Femina Miss India 2015 Best Talent


"One of the most dynamic youngest entrepreneur I have met till Mr. Amit Agrawal is an amazing combo of triple E... Eagerness leading to Enthusiam and Excitement. He is one person with whom ideas come to life. He creates a lot of positive vibes and positive thoughts in turn. You should have conversation with him about your goals at least once and I am sure he will help you take forward to achieve it......."

- Mangesh Jadhav, Leading Architect & Interior Designer