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Amit Agrawal Business Training


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Amit Agrawal Business Training

Business Training Program by Amit AgrawalNEW BLOG BUTTONIf you’ve been going in circles in frustration trying to run your existing business or launch a new one, and you’re now ready to stop wasting your time and find SOLUTIONS, you just hit the jackpot

Let’s get the competition crazy wondering what changed!

Are you in the “deer in the headlights stage,” where you’ve poured months or even years into your business, and now you’re chewing your nails, wondering if you would ever succeed?

Or are you just stepping into entrepreneurship and getting confused with the intricacies?

Whatever your situation, isn’t it intimidating to know that after all the effort, your business can go the way so many other unsuccessful businesses have?

Have you ever put faith in an “expert” and ended up with nothing but wasted time, effort, and money?

And aren’t you just a little bit scared that you may never be able to succeed and fulfill the dreams you had for your life and loved ones?

You Can Heave a Sigh Now … There Are Still Expert Coaches Out There Who Understand EXACTLY What You’re Looking For!

Finally! A proven system for starting a business of your choice, taking the right steps, fulfilling business goals, and achieving success and profitability! Designed both for novice entrepreneurs who are just starting and established business people who wish to transform their business and take it to the next level.

Most people create businesses and simply accept whatever fate brings them. Some may succeed in by accident, but most suffer through a lifetime of frustration that comes from not being successful. Are you one of them?

Do you understand you need help? Do you have the determination to succeed and the willingness to devote the time and effort necessary to achieve success in your business?

This business training program is for you.  As a hugely successful business owner and coach, I have helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their professional goals and fulfill their dreams. And I know what it takes to turn a business into money!

I am already proud of you! The simple fact that you are here reading this indicates you want to be a successful entrepreneur with a successful business and a richer life.

This program enables you to do that.

This Program Includes:

  1. Ideas and Inspiration for Starting a Business
    Inspiration to take the first entrepreneurial initiative! Learn the importance of innovation and a proper PLAN to START, RUN, and GROW your business SUCCESSFULLY and PROFITABLY.
  2. Key Steps and Strategies to Build a Thriving Business in ANY Market
    Learn why you should never start a business without understanding in-depth the proper steps to take, and educate yourself in the strategies to follow.
  3. Step-by-step instructional videos for LAUNCHING and GROWING a successful Business
    Follow along, create and streamline your own business, as you go. These videos show you how to start on the RIGHT PATH and stay on it, always!
  4. Expert Tips and Advice and countless examples of successful businesses
    Learn ALL the inside secrets that lead businesses to success. Get inspired by other successful companies in a variety of industries, and see what they are doing to escalate their business growth and profitability.

Business Training Program by Amit Agrawal

What You Can Expect From The




  • A proven step-by-step system for launching a successful business and powerful triggers that will not just get you started but give you almost a UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!

The “No Business” part of the “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY” business training program is focused on those interested in starting, running and growing their business. The prospect of being an entrepreneur can be exciting, but it comes with challenges.  

There are several aspects to setting up a business. You may have a great business idea, but you are unsure as to how to develop the idea into a working business module.

This business training program is designed to provide an in-depth view of how one goes about setting up a business.

  • It helps you assess yourself and your situation, and your personal financial requirement.
  • It helps you assess your business idea and gather information about the idea and the market.
  • It tells you all there is to know about starting, running and growing your business, with the objective of helping you understand the viability and how you should proceed.

The business training program guides you – step-by-step –  while you successfully launch your new business – establish yourself as an entrepreneur – grow your company – increase profitability.

Amit Agrawal’s “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY,” is almost a new entrepreneur’s bible. This is all you would ever need to establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur.

Give your business a chance to succeed. Get the business training program.

Business Training Program by Amit AgrawalNEW BLOG BUTTON

  • Practical skills, techniques and strategies you need to build and achieve business growth in ANY market


As a business owner, you set goals that you wish to achieve. But very often, you fall short of achieving those goals. It may not always be due to lack of effort.

You know you have done your best, given your all to your business, and it can be disconcerting and discouraging to find your efforts fail; whether it is getting new customers or making sales or something else.

The end result is an ailing business with no profits in sight. You’re frustrated! You’re disappointed! You’re clueless!

You KNOW you have it in you – you can even smell success – but it evades you.

You don’t have to live with such feelings.  You deserve Success – Profitability – Happiness.

In this business training program, we’ll dive deep into exploring the best practices of launching and operating any type of business, both big and small.

We’ll take a look at how real companies who have blazed the trail and become wildly successful operate, giving you a chance to follow and emulate their methods in your own business.

Join Amit Agrawal’s hugely popular business training program – ” TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY” – and get the secret code to success.FOR WEBSITE (Small)


  • Time-tested tools, Ideas, and inspiration from other hugely successful businesses

“Don’t envy what people have, emulate what they did to have it” – Tim Fargo.   

Getting a business up and running can be a torture when you don’t know how. Where there is a difficult path – there is always an easier path too.  Experience brings with it several benefits – the ability to do things better – easier – faster.

If you’ve tried every possible business-building technique and strategy but your business continues to stagnate, it’s time you looked around.  There are thousands of successful businesses built on the strong foundation. A combination of sound business principles, ethics, and innovative ideas resulted in huge success.

Now you can do the same with your business without having to reinvent the clock. Success leaves a track, and you follow that path.

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY’ dissects the track created by successful entrepreneurs. It gives you details of every step they’ve taken. This can help you with ideas and inspire you into taking relevant action in your own business, giving you a chance to replicate their success.

Get your hands on Amit Agrawal’s result-oriented business training program – ” TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY.”

Rush now to get your seat in the program here.FOR WEBSITE1 (Small)


  • Fast tracking business growth for greater exposure and higher profitability

Don’t work hard, work smart!

You have seen entrepreneurs who seem unstoppable. It’s this powerful mindset that helps them achieve success in whatever they do. Smart thinking gives you a competitive advantage over others and helps your business make more money – easily.

Upon implementing the strategies and techniques discussed in this business training program:

  • You will soon find your business in a much better place than it was
  • You will gain the ability to plan perfectly  and eliminate all time taking procedures
  • You will learn to sell more with less effort – resulting in higher profits
  • You will have more time on your hands to have a personal life, spend time with your family, do the things you have always dreamed of

“TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY” is all you need to take your business to the next level.FOR WEBSITE4 (Small)



When you attend my program, you will gain the ability to:

  • Escalate your business growth – easily than it is thought possible
  • Skyrocket your productivity through increased efficiency
  • Reach out to the stars in growth and profitability
  • Build a creative team that boosts your business success
  • Be the entrepreneur that paves the path for others
  • Gain the advantage of being your own boss – living the life you’ve always wanted

When you use my years of experience in your business, you:

  • Save time and effort by learning the ropes of entrepreneurship through valuable tried and tested business lessons
  • Get an entire list of updated financial sources to fund your business
  • Gain insight into the products and services that make the markets go crazy
  • Learn the art of crunching numbers to turn unbelievable profits
  • Win loyal customers that stay with you and vouch for you
  • Master the skill of negotiation and save money in your business
  • Turn your dream of financial freedom and blissful life into reality

When you are exposed to the hundreds of proven tools and techniques of successful entrepreneurs, you:

  • Gain an instant competitive edge in the market, boosting your business success
  • Clearly see the areas to focus your attention on and make more money easily
  • Find out how to create and implement a plan efficiently to achieve greater success
  • Learn marketing skills that will help you close more sales with little effort
  • Understand how to optimize fully the tools you have


What Our Students Say About ‘TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY’ business training program

This program has helped me save so much of time, energy and resources and the possible losses of lakhs of rupees. If I didn’t have this business training program, I might have gone out of business. Amit, you’re a life saver!

—Anirudha Deshmukh

Thank You Amit and team! Your business training program helped me fulfill my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. The step-by-step guidance eliminated all struggle and frustration, making it easier to launch and establish a company.  I owe all my business success to your business training program. No words can express what I feel.

— Suryajit Kandal

This is a great business training program for experienced business owners to hone their skills and re-energize their work, and to gain a complete know-how of how to start, run and grow their business. Amit Agrawal provides a terrific framework for you to walk out with a detailed, personalized action plan to start or grow your own business.

—Anuja Pimpalkhare


FOR WEBSITE2 (Small)NEW BLOG BUTTONImbibe The Traits of a Perfect Business Owner

  1. The entrepreneur’s mindset. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the special qualities and traits that successful business owners possess. You will learn that the success of your business depends on you as a person.
  2. Creating a successful business. You will learn the exact steps you need to take to create and build a business that is considered the best in your market.
  3. Creating a great product or service. Your product or service can make or break your business. You will learn how to create a product or service that people want.
  4. Ensuring customer satisfaction. Customer is king. A thriving business is a result of customer satisfaction. We delve deep into the psyche of today’s customer and show you innovative ways of ensuring customer care and satisfaction.
  5. Developing a perfect marketing plan. Attracting qualified prospects involves a proper marketing plan. An effective marketing plan helps you reach your target audience, boost your customer base and increase your bottom line. It is also a prerequisite when seeking funds and helps you set realistic goals and objectives for your business.
  6. Perfecting the sales process. It is the sales process that converts qualified prospects to customers. Hundreds of businesses lose out only because they don’t pay attention to the sales process. You can’t be one of them.
  7. Generating perfect numbers. Numbers mean everything for a business. Everything from new prospects, customer conversions, profits, return customers, growth rate, etc. are based on numbers. You will discover how to come up with accurate numbers and how to use those numbers to define future business goals.
  8. Imbibing leadership qualities. There is a whole lot of talk about management and leadership, and for good reason.  It is proper management that will help you retain staff, customers and increase profitability. Our program shows you how you can be a true leader.
  9. Team building. There is no business without a happy team. Long-term prospects of a business depend solely on how your team feels about you and your business. A perfect product or service is no use without the support of a dedicated team.
  10. Living your dream life. Last but certainly not the least, is your expectations from being an entrepreneur. You dreamt of being your own boss, to earn loads of money, spend time with your family, go on holidays, do the things you have always wanted to. Time to set yourself free from everything that’s pulling your back!

Book your seat for the “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY” Live business training: FOR WEBSITE3 (Small)

NEW BLOG BUTTONOkay.. You’ve Got Me Completely Interested, Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes…When you join the “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY” live training business training program – you’ll discover:

  • The 4 secrets to business success that will help you reach the level of success you’ve always wanted to
  • The single most important factor that 90% of your business success depends on. Best of all, this is totally in your hands
  • The 6 laws that have the potential to change your business and life.
  • The 5 crucial steps that will lead to the fruition of all goals – personal and business
  • How your company can attract high-end work from the best-paying clients
  • The tricks of the trade that you MUST know as an entrepreneur – and how this knowledge can help you reach your goals faster and easier
  • How you can predict the future – and take steps to ensure it is bright
  • The single most important rule of thumb for gaining an edge over the competition
  • The top strategy to get your employees to give their best
  • The underground sales secret that makes it amazingly simple to close sales
  • Your most valuable asset – and one that most entrepreneurs miss utilizing
  • The most popular methods of raising finance for your business – and the best one that works amazingly well today

How about enrolling in the program now? Don’t want to miss out on all this and more – do you?

Helps Launch & Grow A Successful Business

>> A proven step-by-step system for launching a successful business

>> Practical skills, techniques and strategies you need to build and achieve business growth in ANY market

>> Time-tested tools, ideas, and inspiration from other hugely successful businesses

>> Fast tracking business growth for greater exposure and higher profitability

FOR WEBSITE5 (Small)NEW BLOG BUTTONBook your seat for the “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY” Live Business Training program now:

When you Book your seat for the “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY” Live business training program you get:

  • 12 personal one to one coaching and mentoring sessions – You tap into my knowledge, experience and expertise. You get practical and proven ideas, techniques and strategies, tricks of the trade employed by successful businesses, secrets to success and profitability
  • A workbook – To help you work your way through the business training program, tailoring it to your own business needs and goals. Upon completion of the program, you would have a fully loaded and operational workbook in hand.
  • A FREE Assessment on Business Profitability – I help you identify areas in your business that need your attention and those that offer the most potential.
  • Online Access to … business training programs  – You get access to my 12 comprehensive online training programs that will help you immensely in developing your people skills and life skills.

Basically, you gain access to my brain in the training program – everything I know and everything I have experienced is laid out bare for you to see – comprehend – learn and use it in your own business – whether your business is new or established.

And you would be making a risk-free investment with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

My 100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee!

guaranteesmAttending this program is completely risk-free, and there are no hidden clauses. If after joining the program and participating in the first day of my training program ‘TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY’, you feel this business training program is not for you, all you have to do is approach a designated training program official and turn in your course materials and notebook. My friendly staff will offer a complete 100% refund of the tuition fee you paid for the business transformation program ‘TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY’ No hard feelings. No ruined relationships. You would continue to be a valued student, and you can come back to us whenever you are ready. The idea is for you to be happy, for you to gain. So you lose nothing by joining this business training program, and there is a lot to gain!

All set to take that first step to success?FOR WEBSITE6 (Small)NEW BLOG BUTTON

Grab your place in the “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY” Live Business Training Program Today: 


My artifact business went from huge losses to making over Rs. 25 Lakh in profits in only one year. This business training program was so so worth it! I can’t thank Amit enough for placing me on the right track.

— Shalini Kagal

Listen, my friends, this is an elite business training program that I have designed to make sure it changes lives. It has exceeded my own expectations – and I am confident of leading you to the kind of wild success that I have experienced – so your life will exceed your expectations too.

Book your seat for the “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY”  Live Business Training Program now.


I’ve learned so much from Amit Agrawal’s business training programs over the years. Amit is a known figure in the business world, and his innovative ideas are appreciated and implemented by business owners from around the country. His Business and Sales Mastery programs did wonders for my business. I can attribute my success solely to him.

— Suresh Mani (Business Owner)

Everything I teach you in this business training program is Practical and Implementable. The techniques, strategies and proven ideas have been compiled from years of experience, research and education.

If you sincerely follow what is taught in the “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY” program, there is no way you can go wrong. The lessons are easy to learn, and they are aimed at achieving goals easier than most people believe it possible.

The business training program has been created using easy to understand language and the information are broken down into easy-to-follow steps – making it easier for you to reach your goal of earning millions.

The clock is ticking for your business, and this is your chance to get in and get world class business lessons at rock bottom rates so you can launch and improve your business and live a life you deserve right now.

To your success,

— Amit Agrawal

Wait No longer. Get in on the “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS & CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY”  Live Business Training Program RIGHT NOW

guaranteeThis product has a
100% satisfaction guarantee


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What You Will Learn

Session 1: Shouldering More Responsibility in Professional and Personal Terms

Session 2: Be your own Boss

Session 3: The Mechanism to create Fortune” – Right from Inception without any liabilities

Session 4: ‘Constructing Accountability’ – A way to be an Inspirational Leader

Session 5: Intelligent Recruitment Protocols: Based on concrete parameters of merit

Session 6: Taking Control and Leading

Session 7: Effective Persuasion

Session 8: Pivotal Points – Points that will Glorify your Business

Session 9: Guarding Your Life. – A three-dimensional approach

Session 10: Rocket your Profits

Session 11: Minting Money Online- Fetch profits, the online way

Session 12: Putting Your Business into Growth Trajectory

Session 13: Honing the Convincing Skills

Session 14: Multiplying the sources of Income

Session 15: Enforcing the Art of Rejection

Session 16: Management Mantras

Session 17: Unleash your Potential

Session 18: Being an Entrepreneur

Session 19: Business Strategy

Session 20: Be a Super Salesman

Session 21: Mastering Sales Tactics

Session 22: Power of Entrustment and Delegation

Session 23: The Glorious Path

Session 24: Hitting the Bull’s Eye

Session 25: The Mouth-Publicity Technique

Session 26: Grabbing more Eyeballs with Aggressive Marketing

Session 27: Achieving Work-Life Balance

Session 28: Wealth Management

Session 29: Epitome of Success

Session 30: The Snowball Effect with Referral System

Session 31: Get Inspired

Session 32: Success from Square One

Session 33: The Reinforcement Theory

Session 34: Crack the Meetings

Session 35: Adopting Best Practices and Shedding the Rest

Session 36: Sailing Smooth on Rough Waters

Session 37: Let New Business Ideas be your Weapons

Session 38: Perfecting Communication Skills

Session 39: The Success Mindset

Session 40: Going Online

Session 41: Build a Great Team

Session 42: Secrets of the Business Tycoons

Session 43: Taking Apt and Effective Decisions

Session 44: Traits of Magnetic Personality

Session 45: The Sales Mantra

Session 46: Self-Actualization

Session 47: Tricks of the Trade

Session 48: Self-Projection

Session 49: Result-Driven Communicator

Session 50: Targeting the Neighborhood

Session 51: Cease Self-Obstruction

Session 52: Spectacles of Self-Discipline

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