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Are you fresh out of school and have no idea what to do in life? Or are you a working professional who often get that nagging feeling that they are caught in the wrong job?
If you are confused about your career, then you are not the only one. More than 40% students are confused about which career to choose.

Why are you confused about which career to choose?

Parents decide on behalf of their children. Our Indian system is such that for a long time only conventional career options were preferred, and children would often be forced to pursue certain careers.
Even when children do pursue a different career option, they might not get enough opportunities to turn it into a profession.
Students are not sure what their abilities and talents are. There’s immense talent in this country but the problem is that not everyone realizes their true talents and potential.

What should you do?

Working with a career coach or a career guide is a great way to understand and explore which career options are perfect for you. Should you become a fashion designer or should you pursue a degree in mass communication, a career coach helps you to find the answers through various discussions and activities.
Wouldn’t you want to pursue a career that you actually enjoy? Why go for a medical degree when it’s clicking pictures that make you happy. Why opt for Chartered Accountancy when you would perform better as a sales person?
The problem is that by the time people realize what is best for them, it’s too late, years go by and they get stuck in a career they don’t like and where they don’t perform to the best of their abilities.

How can a Career Coach help you?

  •  A career coach helps you understand your own potential, talent, and abilities so that you can make career choices that not just gives a high level of satisfaction but also a bigger pay check.
  • A career coach educates about the different career choices that you can make today
  • A career coach helps you understand the financial rewards of a given career option
  • A career coach helps you figure out which educational avenues to consider so that you become the best in that field.
  • A career coach helps you get out of a bad career decision and choose one that you will be happy in.
  • A career coach helps you to achieve financial security and personal happiness in life.

Why Amit Agrawal as a career coach?

  • Studied, researched, written and taught for 15 years in the fields of Business, Marketing, Branding, Sales, Leadership and Psychology.
  • Taught 10000+ students and helped them achieve their career.
  • career columns official writer for Times of India and Indian Express.
  • For the last ten years back to back Entrepreneurial Award Winner

We live in a competitive world and each second is important. The more you delay in taking the right choice, the more time it would take for you to reach the peak of your career. Start today and prepare yourself for an early career with promising results by hiring a career coach.

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